MOUs & Memberships


  • MOU with Jordan Deposit Insurance Corporation, Feb. 2015.
  • MOU with The Savings Deposit Insurance Fund of Turkey, Oct. 2015.
  • MOU with Palestine Monetary Authority, Sep. 2016.
  • MOU with The Moroccan Deposit Insurance Corporation, March 2017.
  • MOU with the Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation, October 2017.
  • MOU with Tunisien Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, November 2017.
  • MOU with Indonesia Deposit Insurance Corporation, June 2021.
  • MOU with (Yemen) Bank Deposit Insurance Corporation, September 2021
  • PDIC is a Member of the Union of Arabic Banks.
PDIC is a member of the International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI); which is a non-profit organization, incorporating a separate legal entity, domiciled at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. The Association’s objectives are to contribute to the stability of financial systems by promoting international cooperation and to exchange expertise in the field of deposit insurance. IADI currently represents (85) deposit insurers, (8) associates, and (16) partners.