Executive and Administrative Staff

Director General
The Director General of PDIC carries out duties and authorities, assigned to him/her pursuant to the PDIC Law, to manage the Corporation’s affairs, including implementation of policies and the decisions approved by the Board of Directors, supervision of the Corporation’s executive staff and monitoring the proper implementation of day-to-day operations. 
Administration and Finance Department
This department is responsible for bookkeeping and accounting functions, maintaining assets and adequate financial resources and the timely provision of accurate information for decision makers. The department also secures PDIC’s needs with respect to supplies and maintenance of equipment, machinery and software necessary for PDIC proper operation and achievement of its goals.
Risk Analysis and Insurance Department
This department is assigned several important tasks and responsibilities that contribute to the implementation and development of PDIC’s policies, reinforce risk-management principles and promote confidence in the Palestinian financial system.
Risks and Insurance Unit
This division is mainly responsible for the follow-up of fee collection from member banks. It is also tasked with preparing for the application of the risk-based fee collection system, in collaboration with the PMA and the ABP, for the purpose of mitigating operational risks, and ensuring fair contribution by banks to membership fees, encouraging banks to improve on risk-monitoring tools. The division also sets in place appropriate measures to mitigate potential risks banks face, and conduct stress tests, as a way of strengthening and promoting risk control.
Liquidation Unit
This division is responsible for undertaking the tasks and responsibilities entrusted to PDIC as the liquidator of any bank pursuant to the PDIC Law and regulations, instructions and decisions issued for that purpose. The division is also in charge of putting in place and developing appropriate policies for the implementation of the liquidation process, in a manner that guarantees appropriate procedures are effectively and efficiently followed. Moreover, the division formulates and develops depositor reimbursement procedures pursuant to the PDIC Law and the regulations, instructions and decisions issued for that purpose.
The Legal Unit
This division is responsible for handling all legal matters of PDIC, following-up on implementation with the competent authorities, drafting PDIC’s contract and agreements and reporting periodically on the division’s work.
Internal Audit Unit
The activity of the Internal Audit Unit is closely linked with the Audit and Risks Committee of the Board of Directors. The Unit is in charge of assessing the validity and soundness of the PDIC’s various activities and providing recommendations in view of the audit the assessment and the analysis results of various departments in order to enable them to fulfil their responsibilities effectively and efficiently.
Investment and Financing Department
The department is assigned the responsibility of providing data and information needed to support the planning and development processes in PDIC. It is also entrusted with the management of the PDIC’s investments in line with the investment policy approved by the BOD and compliant with the provisions of the PDIC Law.
-Investment Unit
This unit is in charge of employing PDIC’s resources within a carefully studied investment policy and strategy and approved by its Board of Directors. It primarily aims at preserving capital and developing its reserves allocated to insurance of   depositors’ money. This in addition to providing a suitable return within a low level of risks, all in line with PDIC’s goals  and role in reinforcing financial stability taking into consideration that its investments have high liquidity which would enable it to respond to emergency situations.
Research Unit
This unit was established at the beginning of PDIC’s work, as PDIC has strong conviction that scientific research globally plays a key role in economic progress and prosperity. The unit’s tasks and responsibilities include the following: providing PDIC with an appropriate informational, analytical methodological framework, necessary for its work, and achieving its principle of transparency and reliability. To these two ends, PDIC produces professional periodical publications, which meet all international standards/criteria.
Information Technology Division
The Information and Technology Division seeks to be an effective player in rolling the wheel of development in PDIC.  On the organization and administrative level and level of services provided by the corporation. To these ends, PDIC uses state-of-the-art technology in the world that would serve the work environment. This is in addition to providing innovative solutions and preparation of back up plans to provide information security, decrease risks to lowest levels and protect PDIC’s assets.  The division also meets the technical needs of other departments and units.
Public Relations Division 
The Public Relations Department is one of the basic supporting departments of PDIC. It is PDIC’s “window” into the foreign world and local community. It reinforces means of communication and cooperation locally and abroad with all targeted sections of society. It disseminates PDIC’s vision and mission in all best ways and means possible, it creates an opportunity for all targeted sections to have easy access to them and send them messages in a positive and practical way while preserving privacy of each section. The division also prepares materials to be published.
Human Resources Unit
Human resources is an essential part of any institution or company, it actually reflects its sustainability and success. It is critical to an employee-oriented, productive work place.  PDIC has established its own human resources department in order to recruit and appoint the best human resources in the Palestinian market. This unit provides the best services to the corporation’s staff. In addition, it works to achieve highest levels of efficiency in performance and increase employees’ motivation, energize and engage them, and maintain harmony in the workplace to raise the level of performance and productivity.
Gaza Office 
Gaza office implements and enforces PDIC’s policies in Gaza Strip. It is the corporation’s representative in Gaza Strip.  The office awareness the public in Gaza Strip on the Palestinian deposits insurance system and PDIC in terms of its work and goals.  The office holds workshops and represents PDIC in all banking events.